Introducing a New,
Unified Giving Experience

To Our Recurring Givers

We’re making it simpler and easier than EVER for people to give online.  In the coming weeks, we are phasing out our old giving systems: Branch Connect and Subsplash Giving. We’re consolidating all online giving to one new platform: Church Center.

What Does This Mean for My Recurring Gift? 

With every improvement comes its share of growing pains, and unfortunately, we can’t migrate your online giving from the old platform to the new platform, so we need your help to do so.

Why Are We Doing This?

Over the years, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for people to give digitally at The Branch.  As technology has advanced, we’ve found ourselves with two systems of online giving, and this has caused confusion for new givers as well as regulars.  This transition is meant to unify all of our online giving into one platform to streamline the process, and make it easy for people to manage their giving profiles.

Another reason for this move is to reduce fees. As more of our giving has transitioned to online transactions, our fees associated with this have increased.  One of the benefits of the new system is it allows us to process some of our online giving with significantly reduced fees.

How Do I Cancel My Recurring Gift?

1. Determine which platform you used to set up your gift and login:

2. Cancel your recurring gift in the old platform.

3. Set up your NEW recurring gift here:

*We use Stripe and Plaid for safe and secure online transactions.

Should I Use My Debit Card or ACH?

Short Answer: Please use ACH if at all possible!  *We use a service called Plaid to securely verify your bank information for ACH transfers.
Long Answer: We currently pay over $20,000/year in fees for processing online giving transactions.  The Debit Card option has a fee of ~2% applied to any online gifts.  However, ACH (shorthand for an electronic bank transfer) has a transaction fee of just $0.25/transaction.  If all of our online giving was done with ACH transfers, we would save over 90% of the fees.  Therefore, if you are setting up a recurring contribution, it would be great if you could select the ACH method.  Every dollar we save on fees is a dollar that is available to use for our ministry efforts.

What is an ACH? ACH is an electronic transfer of funds directly from your bank account.  Paying the funds directly from your bank account through an ACH is widely accepted as the best method for recurring donations due to its low fees and automation options. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which probably means absolutely nothing to anyone who isn’t a banker.  It is a specific type of electronic fund transfer that describes the system used by banks to process electronic transactions.

How to Give Online

Church Center is a mobile app and web experience where our congregation can explore, engage, and get involved throughout the week.

• Easy Giving

• Check-in

• Branch Group Interaction

• Profile Management

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Why We Give

Tithing is not a matter of funds, but a matter of faith.

One of the most powerful lies we believe is that we’ll be able to tithe when we have more money. The truth is statistic after statistic will show you that the higher the income bracket in our country the less percentage-wise people give to charitable causes. Tithing is not predicated upon having a certain amount of funds – tithing is an expression of faith with our present funds. Do we believe God is Owner and Provider – will we confess that by tithing on what comes in – as it comes in?

Here’s the question – will you go First and Ten with your harvest?

Let’s trust God together and see what the potential is – not to mention the blessings that’ll come. People who seek the kingdom of God first are never the last to give. And they never give the last. Why? Because they’ve been blessed by their Father who gave His first and only Son – first.

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