I Can Resist Anything Except....

“I can resist anything except temptation.” (Oscar Wilde)

And that can be a problem.

We head into the wilderness with Jesus this weekend in our journey through the Gospel of Luke. There’s much to be gleaned from the story of His temptations. I can’t wait to walk through this with you! It has some very practical and relevant implications for our lives. We’ll be touring Luke 4:1-15. Come with your Gospel of Luke journals and a friend in tow!

There is so much in store for us over the next several weeks – Branch Groups are back for a new year, our Princess Ball father-daughter dance, ManCard, the return of Wednesday night groups for our high school students (beginning tonight), the return of Women in the Word, information meetings for a medical mission trip to Guatemala, the beginning stages of construction for our children’s ministry wing at VR -- and on and on.
There are so many opportunities to connect, grow, serve, and go with others in 2019. Let’s do it!

See You Thursday night or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,