The Long Thread

Jesus had an entourage. Who was in it says so much about Him, and should say so much about us as His followers.
This weekend, I’m going to be pulling on a long thread running through the Gospel of Luke. Of all things, it intersects with what’s on the front page of one of the nation’s largest newspapers this very week. This thread is running through our homes, our families, our careers, and through much of the conversations in American culture right now.
We’ll begin in Luke 8, but won’t stop there. Join us with friends in tow!
“Living Well Beyond ‘I Do’” is this Saturday night from 5:30-8:00 pm at our Farmers Branch campus. Dinner’s included.
If you’re married or getting married, this will be a rich night of reflection and practical encouragement when it comes to the mystery, challenge, and wonder in marriage.
Please register to help us plan accordingly for food and other matters.
“MANCARD” is coming up Friday night, February 22, at our Farmers Branch campus.
It’s a great night for men to connect with each other, eat together, and further center our hearts on the things that truly matter.
Register now to help us plan accordingly.
As you can see, we’ll be having a number of all-church events at the Farmers Branch campus throughout this year. Lots of action is happening at the Vista Ridge campus as so much demolition has already taken place, and construction will be underway soon!
See you Thursday night or Sunday!
Grace and Peace,