Experiencing God and A Work-In-Process

Occasionally the words of a prayer bounce around in my mind. They’re from a luncheon among congressional representatives and senators. They go something like this, “Lord, I pray that the Jews among us would come to know Jesus, the Muslims among us would come to know Jesus, and the Christians among us would come to know Jesus.”

It’s that last part that probably offended some. The truth is, though, what Christianity is often associated with in our culture is far removed from Jesus as He’s revealed in the Gospels. This isn’t just unique for our day. Even in the days of Jesus, His disciples sent messages about Jesus that weren’t consistently with who He truly was and what He was about.  
There’s not a person alive who doesn’t need to know Jesus. One cannot come to really know Him, though, without spending time with Him. One way that we’re doing that right now as a church is through our journey in Luke.

This coming weekend, we’ll be in Luke 9:28-56. We’re going to tour the story of the transfiguration of Jesus. We’ll also talk about when God gives us an experience of His presence. His presence is what helps us continue in our journey of following Jesus when it’s difficult.  Finally, we’ll be reminded just how much the disciples were a “work-in-process” through a streak of sobering, ironic, and even funny stories involving them and Jesus. I hope you’ll be with us with friends in tow!  We have some new Luke journals for our guests!

See you Thursday night or Sunday! 
(By the way, fajitas at 6:00 pm THIS Thursday before service!)
Grace and Peace,