The Prayers Of Children, Racial Unity, And New Additions

I stumbled onto a treasure Monday. My office mailbox was full of notes from Branch kids who took the time to pray for me this past weekend. The card in the picture is one of many I was blessed with. I love Ryder Wilson’s depiction of me. I’m rather red and lean in it, don’t you think?

Don’t sell the prayers of kids short. They pray big and we need it!  To all who pour into hundreds of kids every weekend in Branch Kids, thank you!

The prayers of Branch kids came at a good time for me. Over the last few months, I’ve been involved in an effort toward healing, racial reconciliation, and unity with a number of other ministers across Dallas. Next week, I’ll be attending a prayer retreat towards this effort, and in May, I’ll be participating in a racial unity leadership summit.

 While it seems that the only time racial matters are in the headlines is when there is something tragic or offensive that happens, I want you to know that there is quiet, diligent work going on towards healing, reconciliation, and unity in many ways across our city. Be encouraged, and please continue to pray accordingly.

This coming week, we’ll be soaking in what may be the most well-known of all the stories that Jesus told. Much of our world knows it, and yet doesn’t always know who told it. But knowing it and who told it isn’t what makes the difference; living in light of it makes the difference. The story’s found in Luke 10. You’ll know it when you see it. Spend a little time there this week, and then join me with a hungry heart and friends in tow either Thursday night or Sunday morn!

This week, two new staff members are settling in at our Farmers Branch campus: Alexis Hall, our new Kids Minister at the Farmers Branch campus; and Morgan Eggers, our new Youth Minister at the Farmers Branch campus. Parents, kids, and students will have an opportunity to meet them in the coming weeks. I’m thrilled they are here!

See you Thursday night or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,