Branch Kids Car Talk


God’s people returned to Jerusalem, the home of their ancestors. God had given them another opportunity to live as His special people. They got to work right away, completing the foundation of the Lord’s temple. BUT - life in Judah wasn’t exactly what they had imagined. It was difficult. The work of rebuilding the temple and the city of Jerusalem was hard. The land was desolate, and crops failed. Their neighbors opposed their efforts. (See Ezra 4:6,11-16.)
God’s people were disappointed and discouraged. Rather than fight their enemies, God’s people gave up. The temple of the Lord sat unfinished for 16 years. The people made excuses. “Maybe it’s not time to rebuild the temple,” they reasoned. If that was what God wanted, wouldn’t He make it easier for them? (See Hag. 1:2.) God’s people moved on to building their own homes.
The prophet Haggai stepped onto the scene and rebuked the people for their misplaced priorities. (Hag. 1:4) He brought words from the Lord, commanding them to finish the work they started.
I HAVE BEEN THERE. Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about perseverance. God never promised us that life would be easy - He promised He would walk with us, and give us what we need (see Matt 6:25-34). He is good. We can trust Him. He always keeps His promises.
  • What does it mean to persevere?
    • To not give up - to keep doing it till the end, even if it's hard 
  • Have you ever been given something to do that was hard and you wanted to quit? 
    • Everyone answer!
  • What is something hard you are facing right now? 
    • God never said life was going to be easy - but He did say He will give us strength and provide for us.
  • Take time to pray together as a family and ask God to help you persevere-relying on Him.