Bible Study - DELIVERANCE: The Unsettling

Sermon-Based Bible Study – February 2, 2020

  1. What is something God has done for you that you are thankful for or are celebrating? How have you experienced his faithfulness and provision?

  2. Where are you experiencing stress, anxiety or discouragement? How would you like to see God move in your life or in the life of someone close to you?

  3. What did you hear in this week’s sermon that was new or particularly interesting? Did anything stand out to you as puzzling or troubling?

  4. The book of Exodus is full of remarkable stories that show us the power of God. As we prepare to dive into this sermon series, what assumptions or previous knowledge do you have about the book of Exodus? What are some of the ways that God has used this book to shape you? What kinds of questions does this book bring to mind?

  5. Read Exodus 1:15-21 (the story of the midwives). What does the text tell us about this situation? What do we learn about the midwives and their posture toward the Lord? How does God respond to the faith and conviction of the midwives?

  6. Although Moses has yet to enter the story, we learn that God – the Provider – had been making provision for his people for generations (see Joseph’s story). Chris mentioned that there is a difference between the provision and the Provider. He noted: “Our anxiety and our choices reveal much about whether we’re trusting in our provision or our Provider.”
    • What people, things, or situations tend to cause anxiety for you? What is the Lord teaching you about this?
    • When confronted with anxiety what kinds of choices do you tend to make? What kinds of choices do you want to make?

  7. Psalm 82:3 states, “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.”
    • God sees the oppressed and will ultimately make everything right one day. But, is there something he is calling you to do to meet the needs of those around you?
    • Is there anyone in your life who needs help, physical assistance, prayer, or salvation? How might God be calling you to engage?