Parent Pod February 2021

February's podCast Episode:

February's Pod Guide:

Check In:

  • How was your month?
  • What were your biggest wins and biggest struggles?

Pod Discussion Questions:

  • Have you talked to your kids about sex? Have they asked about it? If your children are younger, how did you answer in age-appropriate ways?  
  • How do you model a healthy Christian marriage for your kids? What do you need to improve?
  • As you talk to your kids about love and feelings, think about things from your past where you acted solely on feelings and it didn’t end well. Not only in dating relationships, but in jobs, handling certain situations, etc. Are these stories you could share with your kids to help them understand that those feelings were real, but they led you down a bad path. Use these as teachable moments to talk to your kids about what to look for in who they choose to date.


  • Ask God for wisdom and opportunity to talk about these topics with your kids. Ask for courage and words!
  • Pray Psalm 139 over each person in your group - pray that God would show you any lies YOU are believing about sex, love, feelings, etc. 
  • Pray for protection over your heart and mind and for God to help you model what it is take your feelings to God. 

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